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Incorporating Masjidur-Raoof and Madrasatur-Raoof

History of the Masjid & Madrasah

In 2000 the Highlands Waqaf Trust members saw the need for the establishment for a Masjid and Madrasah in Highlands Estate as there was no Islamic activity that was taking place in the area. The Trustees then made the firm intention to establish a Masjid and Madrasah for the main purpose of establishing the five daily salaah in congregation and to promote the Deen of Islaam through Islamic Education. The following is a brief illustration of the progress in this regard since 2000.

Executive Board of Trustees

The HWT Masjid and Madrasah are overseen by the Executive Board of Trustees of the Highlands Waqaf Trust. The Trust was established since 2000 in terms of its Constitutional Provisions. The Trust is Registered as Waqaf and also Registered as Non-Profit. The Main Objective of the Trust is to promote the Deen of Islaam through Education and Dawah. This is done through its Masjid and Madrasah.

Official Timeline

2000/04/08 Land Acquired
2000/07/07 Transfer Registered
2001/08/30 Building Plans approved
2002/01/17 Building Plans Approved
2002/01/17 Foundation Trenches Completed
2002/05/27 Brickwork Started
2002/09/21 Roof Erected
2002/11/05 First Taraweehg Solaah Performed
2003/10/11 Construction was Completed
2003/10/11 Official Opening of the Masjid
2003/10/17 First Jumuah Solaah was performed
2004/02/01 Official Commencement of Afternoon Madrasah Classes
2004/02/01 Official Commencement of Evening Quraan and Fiqh Classes
2004/02/01 Official Commencement of Weekly Ghadat Proceedings
2010/02/01 Official Opening of the HWT Lecture Room
2010/02/01 Official Opening of new HWT Office
2011/02/01 Official Commencement of the Sunday Morning Shariah Courses
2011/02/01 Official Commencement of the Sunday Morning Shariah Courses
2014/02/01 Official Commencement of the Sunday Morning Arabic Classes
2014/02/01 Establishment of the HWT Shariah Research Board

Research Board

The HWT Research Board was established in February 2014. The Research Board comprises of persons within South Africa and abroad (of various expertise) which include Shariah Graduates, Hadeeth Graduates, Language Graduates, Dawa Graduates, Attorneys, Advocates, and University Lecturers. The Board researched various Islamic Related issues.

The publications of the Research Board can be found on the Official HWT Website.

The current members of the Research Board are as follows.

Names Cape Town Qualifications
Sh. Abduroaf Abduroaf Cape Town Da’wah Graduate
Sh. Muneer Abduroaf Cape Town Shariah Graduate, Attorney, Lecture at UWC
Sh. Khalid Abduroaf Cape Town Shariah Graduate
Sh. Amienoellah Abderoef UAE Lugha Graduate
Sh. M Soliegh Ceres Cape Town Shariah Graduate
Sh. Luqmaan Plato Cape Town Lugha Graduate, Tutor at IOU
Sh. Muneeb Johaadien Cape Town Hadeeth Graduate
Sh. Dawood Msimanaga Durban Shariah Graduate
Sh. Ashraf Petersen Saudi Arabia Shariah Graduate & Masters Student
Sh. Imaad Lagerdien Port Elizabeth Shariah Graduate
Adv. Muhammad Abduroaf Cape Town Advocate of the High Court of South Africa

Janazah Officials

The Highlands Waqaf Trust has presented Practical Janaazah Classes at the HWT Lecture Room since 2012. The Executive Board of Trustees has subsequently purchased a Muni Kartel and Dra Kartel for use in the community.

The following Janaazah Officials resident in Highlands Estate can be contacted for further details regarding borrowing of the Muni and or Dra Kartel:

Names Contact
Boeta Nazeem Adams 082 836 6308
Boeta Ebrahim Arend 076 339 2943
Boeta Allie Adams 078 299 1408
Boeta Moegamad Zakie Davids 076 474 1463
Boeta Igshaan Stemmet 081 412 7053
Aunty Nadeema Abrahams 072 702 9343
HWT Office 021 823 7572 / 021 638 1997