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Six Day Inheritance Course

The HWT Shariah Research Board will be presenting a Six Day Intensive Inheritance Course January 2018.

The course is based on the book:

“Al Fawaa’iḍ Fie Tasheel Masaa’ili Al Faraa’iḍ”
by Sh. Faeez bin Aḥmad Al Ghaamidee. 
The book is exclusively taught at Masjidun Nabawi in Al Madinah Al Munowwarah, and being taught for the fourth time at HWT in Cape Town.
Topics include: Ground Rules; Estate Liability Claims; Testate Succession Claims; Intestate Succession Ties; Disqualification and Exclusions; Sharer, Residuary, Doctrine of Return, Doctrine of Increase, and Distant Kindred Beneficiaries; Successive Deaths, and Special Cases Equations; and The Will amongst others.
The course will primarily focus on the mathematical aspects involved in solving the various Intestate Succession Equations.


  • TIME: 8:30am to 3:00pm
  • DATES: 8 – 13 January 2018
  • VENUE: Highlands Waqaf Trust Lecture Room Erf 62, Dietricht Road, Highlands Estate.
  • COST: Free
  • TEXT BOOK: Deceased Estates, Islamic Law Mode of Distribution
  • PRESENTERS: Sh. Khalid Abduroaf (Madinah Shariah Graduate and Student of the Author of the book) 
Limited Seats!
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