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Quraan Classes

Fasil Jeem (Evening Quraan literacy and Tafseer Class) 

Details of the class:

This class is conducted at the HWT Lecture Room. This class primarily caters for the older students. The duration of the class is approximately one hour. Both males and females are welcome to attend.

The class is conducted on Monday Evenings. The class is conducted between Maghrib and Eshaa’ during the summer months, and after Eshaa’ during the winter months.

The students recite in group recitation and various selected the chapters of the Quraan are explained. The current text used by the Trust is Ibn Katheer and other Islamic texts.

These classes are presented by the HWT Lecturers and Teachers who include graduates from the Islamic University of Madinah who specialized in Sharee’ah and others in Hadeeth and Da’wah.

Yearly Assessment:

An optional assessment test may be done orally or in writing (upon the request of a student) at the end of the year. The assessment would be based on the work covered during the year.

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