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High School Learners

Fasil Baa – High School Learners – Afternoon Madrasah

Details of the class:

This class is conducted at the HWT Lecture Room. This class primarily caters for high school learners. The duration of the class is one hour.

These classes are presented by the HWT Educators who include graduates from the Islamic University of Madinah who specialized in Sharee’ah and others in Hadeeth and Da’wah.

The classes currently conducted on Monday, Tuesdays Wednesdays (or Thursdays). The learners are tested on one-on-one recitation and the topics presented to the learners via Power-Point Presentation include Fiqh, Hadeeth, Seerah, Qiyaamah, Islamic Clips and others. The current syllabus used by the Trust is the Islamic Studies Text Book revised in Madeenah.

Yearly Assessment:

The yearly assessment includes 2 assignments, 2 exams, and an oral test. A progress report is issued at end of the Madrasah year. The syllabus and course content is approved and endorsed by the HWT Shariah Research Board (HWT-SRB).

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