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HWT SRB Members

The HWT Research Board was established in February 2014. The Research Board comprises of persons within South Africa and abroad (of various expertise) which include Shariah Graduates, Hadeeth Graduates, Language Graduates, Dawa Graduates, Attorneys, Advocates, and University Lecturers. The Board researched various Islamic Related issues.

The publications of the Research Board can be found on the Official HWT Website.

The current members of the Research Board are as follows.


Names Residing Qualifications
1)      Sh. Abduroaf Abduroaf (Cape Town) Da’wah Graduate
2)      Sh. Muneer Abduroaf (Cape Town) Shariah Graduate, Attorney, Lecture at UWC
3)      Sh. Khalid Abduroaf (Cape Town) Shariah Graduate
4)      Sh. Amienoellah Abderoef (UAE) Lugha Graduate
5)      Sh. M Soliegh Ceres (Cape Town) Shariah Graduate
6)      Sh. Luqmaan Plato (Cape Town) Lugha Graduate, Tutor at IOU
7)      Sh. Muneeb Johaadien (Cape Town) Hadeeth Graduate
8)      Sh. Dawood Msimanaga (Durban) Shariah Graduate
9)      Sh. Ashraf Petersen (Saudi Arabia) Shariah Graduate & Masters Student
10)    Sh. Imaad Lagerdien (Port Elizabeth) Shariah Graduate
11)    Sh. Ziyaat Isaacs (Cape Town) Bachelors Degree in Islamic Finance (Hons), Master of Science in Islamic Finance
12)    Adv. Muhammad Abduroaf (Cape Town) Advocate of the High Court of South Africa

Sh. Muneer Abduroaf

HWT SRB Editor

Sh. Khalid Abduroaf

HWT SRB Coordinator

Sh. Abduroaf Abduroaf

HWT SRB Member

Sh. Amienullah Abderoef

HWT SRB Member

Sh. Muneeb Johaadien

HWT SRB Memeber

Sh. M. Soliegh Ceres

HWT SRB Member

Sh. Ashraf Petersen

HWT SRB Member

Sh. Luqman Plato

HWT SRB Member

Sh. Imad Lagardien

HWT SRB Member

Sh. Dawood M. Msimanga

HWT SRB Member

Sh. Ziyaat Isaacs

HWT SRB Member

Adv. Muhammad Abduroaf

HWT SRB Member